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Secphone Mobile is a full-secured phone which is designed and certified not only to prevent any kind of eavesdropping of communications on all bearers (Voice, Data…) and networks (ISDN, PSTN, GSM, 3G, satellite), but also to prevent any data theft for industrial espionage.

Secure your conversations on 3G

  • With Secphone®-Mobile, wireless calls are protected against any attempt of interception.
  • Cryptographic elements are managed in a sartcard, offering a very high level of security.
  • Secphone Mobile is the first solution able to provide a total security for communicating mobile devices on UMTS, with “on air” encryption for Voice over IP and Data.
  • Secphone Mobile is also shipped with embedded ata encryption PIM module for files, personal information and emails.

A strong box security layer

Secphone®-mobile is based on the CryptoSmart technology, a Javacard applet implementing a fully independent cryptosystem from the handset. It provides high-level security (AES 256 bits encryption using dual session keys – regenerated at each connection – RSA 1664 bits authentication, with Diffie-Hellman challenge).

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October 2015: New laser illuminators are now available: The tiny (only 52mm long) GS-S15M is a short range (500m) wide angle (26°) covert laser illuminator. It’s eyesafe and can be mounted on vehicle, UAV, or building. The GS-LM series is a long range (up to 15km) laser designator, illuminator and pointer working in NIR band. It provides powerful and adjustable laser beam for target marking and illumination

June 2015: The next generation audio surveillance system is now available. It provides a modern connectivity solution supporting point-to-point, multi-hop and other complex network configurations. All of these are configured via a simple graphical user interface, and can be reconfigured on-the-fly if operational circumstances demand. You wish to "hear" about it ? Give us a call so that we can come over and make real tests with you.

May 2015: The new EMCMOS HD Low Light Level Camera makes your night a day! Call us for a test.