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MRA 3Q - Memory Radio Analyser

MRA 3Q - Memory Radio Analyser

The MRA-3 Q is a special radio receiver designed for instant detection of any radio bug.

A special ultra-fast scanning system detects low power listening transmitters even in conditions where much stronger TV, FM, mobile phone or radio signals disable other conventional detection systems. Businessmen, bankers, stockbrokers and anybody who could suffer from a leak of information should realise that the radio bug is the most common form of eavesdropping. This is because it’s cheap, it’s simple and, from the legal point of view, its use is hard to prove.

The unique radio part of the MRA-3Q provides very fast, accurate and effective scanning of the spectrum range 43-2700 MHz, both automatically and manually. The sweep frequency is at least 100 times greater than that which any conventional scanner can achieve.

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